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16-22 Sept 2023

18-24 May & 21-27 Sept 2024


Come and recharge on one of the most magnetic islands in the world.

Wouldn’t some time out to unwind and totally relax be divine? 

Join us to get away from it all and help your soul shine on the infamous white island, to retreat and nourish yourself in our magical villa in paradise surrounded by nature. 

A chance to switch off from responsibilities and unplug from day to day stresses, putting a spring back into your step. 

This transformative week will help you find the reset button via an exploration of ‘balance’ in all its aspects.  We will be embarking on experiences of yoga and breathwork, through to a range of uplifting and relaxing activities and most importantly nourishing ourselves with delicious nutritious gut health themed plant based food.  We will be rebalancing the body and mind connection through movement and the flow of breath, reconnecting our inner worlds to the world around us. Through our daily asanas and body work we will strengthen and realign our bodies. And through gut healthy nutritiously designed food & individualised nutrition assessments we will allow the flow of energy to both cleanse and rejuvenate our digestive systems. 


This is more than just a yoga retreat, this is a healing transformational week to help destress, detox & re-balance your body nutritionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, helping your soul to shine.



We (Mays & Scarlett) will hold space for you throughout the retreat inviting you to move into a safe, effective and therapeutic yoga practice. Tapping into the transformative energies that the island of Ibiza offers, we go back to basics and engage with the opposing elements of masculine & feminine, yin and yang, sun and moon, heating and cooling. Working to synchronise movement with breath we invite more harmony and balance into our bodies and souls. If yoga is quite new to you we will make sure you can access the postures with modifications suited to your level and if you are a long time practitioner we will give you some extra coaching to take your practice to the next level. 


We will start every morning with a Dynamic Yoga Practice based on elements from ashtanga vinyasa to activate your physical and energetic bodies. Using breathing techniques such as pranayama and meditation, we will support you to balance your physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies. Most importantly we will ensure that the morning sessions are a fun way to engage with yourself on many levels, experimenting with different styles of yoga.



In the afternoon we enjoy a different flavour of relaxing practices that allow us to tune into and balance our emotional and mental levels.
Meditative yin and hatha sessions are your invitation to slow down and cultivate a loving and gentle attitude to yourself. Throughout the week we will explore practices that open and release at the level of the heart centre. Taking time to tune into how and what we are feeling whilst cultivating more appreciation and gratitude towards ourselves. 


The evening practices will be a beautiful and nourishing time to integrate the experiences of the day into our system helping to send us off to a blissful sleep.

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a very special practice in which we introduce the seeds of change into our subconscious to support positive and beneficial transformations. If there is some habit or addiction that you are working to eliminate from your life, this practice could be the key to long term change and healing. Research has proven that yoga nidra practises can help to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, improving sleep and mood disorders. 

This retreat is all about addressing individual needs on all levels with nutrition being a hugely important aspect. As a fully qualified Nutritionist as well as yoga teacher Mays will provide every guest with a 30 minute nutritional consultation. Whether you have digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog, stress, anxiety, insomnia or any other chronic conditions, every guest will receive personalised nutritional advice to help learn how to make long lasting lifestyle changes, regaining vitality, with tools to take home to move towards living life the Healthy Mays way. Mays will also hold group nutrition talks to explain her top tips for health and vitality.


With over 20 years of training and experience as a holistic therapist Scarlett will be offering each participant a 30 minute holistic massage session. Trained in many different healing techniques and disciplines Scarlett is skilled in a range of different treatments.  Whether you have a specific injury or you simply want to destress Scarlett will give you a wonderful session of healing according to your needs.



Food is life. What we put in our body directly impacts on our health and wellbeing. We will be eating healthy, plant based, gluten free, nutritious meals that will replenish and invigorate, filling us with energy and increasing our life force. 


The overall nutrition theme for the retreat will be to improve gut health with lots of ferments, kombucha & other delights to ensure our tummies are happy. You can look forward to fresh locally sourced ingredients, living nutritious foods, yummy juices & vibrantly delicious dinners all made with our magical secret ingredients: passion and love. 


Mays will personally design our nutritionally balanced gut nourishing menu with one of Ibiza's most sought after chefs. She is happy and available to answer any nutritional queries about the meals throughout the retreat and during guests individual consultations & of course all dietary requirements will be catered for.

The ‘white island’ is simply enchanting and glowing at the start and end of the seasons in May & September. The beaches are heavenly & less crowded, the water is warm and the island has an atmosphere of peace away from the busy-ness of the summer months. We invite you to receive the transformative power and high vibrations of the Scorpio island, supporting your personal journey in a space of openness with us looking after your every need.

In Sept 2023 you will be staying in our gorgeous Ibizan finca, you will be right on the sea where you can watch the sunrise every morning and step out of your bedroom to have a dip in the ocean before practise, located in a quiet secluded part of Santa Eulalia. How divine does that sound?

For 2024 we have a stunning new villa close to the lovely village of Santa Gertrudis surrounded by nature, blissfully peaceful and beautifully decorated, with a padel tennis court too & gorgeous pool - we fell in love with this haven the minute we stepped foot in it.

Our beautiful havens are close to some of Ibiza's most beautiful beaches such as Cala Llonga, Cala Martina, Cala Pada, Cala Oliviera, Cala Nova & Cala Llenya - with many more close by & some wonderful hiking tracks too. All beaches are surrounded by Ibiza's natural beauty and here you can find small coves with transparent paradisiac waters.

Our villas have the most peaceful healing energy, you will feel like you have escaped from it all with total stillness and serenity surrounded by stunning nature, oceans and mountains with nothing but the sounds of birds singing around you.

It is very common for lifelong friendships to blossom during Samadhi Soul retreats due to the positive energy & magical vibrations of our stunning retreat venues


Our retreat schedule allows plenty of time for everyone to explore the abundance of gorgeous local beaches, enjoying stunning island nature hikes, with amazing activities such as Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga (weather permitting), a wonderful heart opening healing cacao + sound sound meditation/gong bath, somatic trauma release healing breathwork, psychic tarot card & astrology life coaching readings, crystal healing meditations and many more delights that the magical Island offers.​



08:00 - Morning Dynamic ashtanga yoga 

10:00 - Body, mind and soul nutritionally nourishing brunch by our incredible chef

11:30 - Time for swimming, relaxing, treatments, pampering and group activities

17:00 - Afternoon meditative yin or hatha yoga 

18:30 - Body, mind and soul nutritionally nourishing dinner by our incredible chef

20:30 - Evening relaxation practise to help send you off to a blissful sleep

We invite you to join us on this incredibly transformative week. We trust that our combined years of experience and passion will deliver you the most beautifully nourishing experience straight from our hearts and souls. Throughout the week you will have our undivided attention, love, care, support and guidance.


  • 6 nights accommodation at our stunning villas

  • 6 morning dynamic yoga sessions with meditation

  • 6 evening relaxing yoga sessions

  • 5 pre bedtime evening meditation sessions 

  • Healthy fresh juice or kombucha or smoothie and daily brunch x 6 

  • Dinner after evening yoga x 6 nights

  • 1 x Cacao + sound ceremony/gong bath

  • 1 x Somatic traume release breathwork session

  • 1 hour Stand Up Paddle Boarding session (weather permitting)

  • 1 x island nature walk/hike

  • 1 complimentary 30 minute nutrition consultation with Mays

  • 1 complimentary 30 minute Holistic Massage session with Scarlett 

  • Fruit, teas and water during the day


  • Max 15 guests per retreat staying in the villa

  • Check-in Saturday 3.00 p.m.
    Check-out Friday 10.30 a.m.

  • Our yoga is suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced yogis.

  • Our food is fresh, seasonal, healthy, plant-based and caters to everyone’s needs, please let us know if any allergies/intolerances.

  • Fruit, teas and unlimited water available throughout the day.

  • Our retreats offer a laid back atmosphere. All activities are optional, you can take part in as much or as little as you’d like.

  • Our Sept villa is nestled in the seaside village of Santa Eulalia - the ocean is accessed right from the villa, therefore there is isnt so great a need to hire a car here but of course if you'd like the freedom to explore it is possible

  • Optional extra treatments (beyond the initial 30 minutes included above) available to be booked such as massage/reiki/nutritional therapy consultations/channelling

  • We (Mays & Scarlett) are on hand for you and will make all efforts to take care of you.


  • Flights, transfers & local transport

  • Travel and personal insurance

  • Additional activities and personal treatments/massages beyond those listed above.

  • Any food and beverage purchased/consumed outside the venue.


  • ​A non-refundable deposit of £750 (twin) £950 (private) is required to confirm your space.

  • Payment by Bank transfer or Revolut

  • Please contact me, Mays on +44 7956187905 or send me an email on

The full amount is due to be paid eight weeks before the retreat starts:

before 16 July 2023 for Sept

before 18 March 2024 for May 2024

before 21 July 2024 for Sept 2024



In case of cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable. 

The outstanding amount may be refunded up until 16 July 2023 or 18 March 2024 or 21 July 2024

Between 16 July  - 16Aug only 50% of the remaining amount is refundable for Sept 2023

Between 16 March  - 18 May 2024 only 50% of the remaining amount is refundable for May 2024

Between 16 July  - 16 Aug only 50% of the remaining amount is refundable for Sept 2023

Between 18 March- 18 Apr; only 50% of the remaining amount is refundable for May 2024

Between 21 July  - 121 Aug only 50% of the remaining amount is refundable for Sept 2024

After 16 Aug 2023 for Sept 2023, no refunds are possible, however you may transfer your spot to someone else.

After 18 Apr 2024 for May 2024, no refunds are possible, however you may transfer your spot to someone else.

After 21 Aug 2024 for Sept 2024, no refunds are possible, however you may transfer your spot to someone else.



Twin sharing rooms with en-suite rooms (ground floor) x 2 available - £1444- sold out

Twin sharing room (shared bathroom) (first floor) - £1399 - sold out

Double bedroom - private occupancy (shared bathroom) (first floor) - £2099 - sold out

4 bed large dormitory style room (3 singles, 1 double bed) with balcony - £1299 per person- sold out

Private apartment for twin sharing  - £1444 - sold out

Offsite accomodation available - get in touch to discuss options to suit different levels

We also welcome local Ibizan residents for drop ins. Get in touch for daily drop in rates.

2024 BOOKINGS: 18-24 May & 21-27 Sept

Room 1 - Master bedroom en suite twin sharing room - £1650

Room 3 - Twin sharing room with en suite - £1600

Room 2 - Twin sharing room with en suite (stairs to corridor without door) - £1350

Room 7 - Twin sharing room with en suite (annexe) - £1350

Room 4 - Twin sharing room with en suite (small) - £1250

Room 5 - Twin sharing room (shared bathroom - large) - £1350

Room 6 - Twin sharing room (shared bathroom - small) - £1150

Double bedroom - private occupancy - £2199 - £2499 - only 3 available

We also have some lower price more basic shared accomodation available - £1000 per person.


I had an AMAZING retreat in Ibiza. Mays is a fabulous host, yoga teacher and all round gorgeous human. The retreat was very healing and full of nourishing experiences and food with outstanding healthy meals. I feel renewed, full of strong energy and ready to take anything! Thank you!!

April, UK

Absolutely incredible soul restoring happiness boosting retreat in Ibiza. The set up was so slick, the yoga brilliant absolutely loved every second and felt so well looked after and healed. Lovely group too. Thank you Mays!

Alicia, UK

No words can describe how I felt after Mays retreat in Ibiza. So nourishing for the soul and body which has helped me kick start my healthy regime heading back into normal life. The villa was stunning and the food out of this world. The extra little touches made it even more special- SUP yoga, ecstatic dance, massage, cacao sound healing ceremony and nutrition advice with plenty of time for ourselves. Thank you Mays and can’t wait for the next one.

Mark, London

Everything Mays had planned was perfect, whether it was: - The 3x daily yoga/meditation classes that enabled me to deepen my practice and improve in a short amount of time - The delicious food and focus on gut health - All the other special activities (cacao ceremony, sound healing, SUP yoga, ecstatic dance etc) Mays’ retreat struck the perfect balance between a busy and exciting schedule and time to explore Ibiza on our own. It was an amazing holiday and a great opportunity to take some time for myself. Thank you so so much Mays!

Marie-Anne, Paris

It was a very last minute decision to join Mays at the retreat in Ibiza but I am so glad I did! A beautiful peaceful environment, thoughtful guidance and amazing food all contributed to me leaving feeling rejuvenated in body and mind. Thank you so much, I will be back!

Eleanore, London

I had an amazing experience on Mays's Yoga retreat in Ibiza. I love the way she teaches and encourages. She has left me completely addicted to yoga. I was not eating enough protein, which Mays spotted, and now I feel so much better on a daily basis from the diet & lifestyle changes she suggested. Thank you Mays, you have changed my life. xx

Clive Chaud, London

I really enjoyed Mays's advice and help on my dietary habits during a recent yoga retreat. I am not a vegan nor a vegetarian, so it was really enlightening to learn about eating different types of delicious foods and how to tweak my own nutritional habits in order to address different issues such as supporting the immune system, incorporating additional proteins and much more. A truly life changing and yummy experience including wonderful yoga too. Thank you Mays!

Valentina Carlet, London

I was looking for a yoga retreat of which the yoga was amazing but I also got the added bonus of nutritional therapy and 6 days of delicious and satisfying vegan gut healthy themed food prepared by a chef on site & designed by Mays. Mays is very helpful in assessing your current diet and making suggestions to supplement your eating plan. I found I was not getting enough protein when eating vegetarian and made some changes which have left me feeling more satisfied. Her approach is not to make you feel you are eating ‘wrong’ but to help you eat ‘right’ for your own body’s needs. Thank you Mays!!!

Elaine Corral, Austin Texas


Everything was incredible! From the twice daily yoga, to the unbelievable vegan meals (menu curated by Mays!) . I had a nutrition consultation with Mays on the retreat which I found so helpful and have come back inspired with ideas of how to eat more healthily. Mays really knows her stuff :-)

Daisy Collinge, London

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