These packages are perfect for weight loss & eating disorders - but our in depth holistic approach also helps improve wellness and energy levels as well as many other more chronic issues like sleep, mood, anxiety, hormone balance, fertility and digestive health.

Our unique approach is centred on health and wellbeing focusing on what's nutritionally best for your mind, body and soul and offering you an optimal bespoke solution tailored exactly to your needs. 

This special nutrition package gives you the ultimate care and attention with weekly check ins optimised for accountability, especially suited for more complex cases with chronic health issues such as chronic gut health issues, mood disorders, stress, anxiety, hormone imbalances, thyroid issues and fertility as well as the most optimum support for weight loss.


We also offer several extra packages to include yoga lessons, deep yoga nidra meditation, pranayama breath work & healing sessions. We believe that to heal the body we need to work to heal the mind alongside nutritional healing. The mind and body are interlinked, so in order to overcome chronic health issues we not only need to work on what we are putting into our bodies nutritionally but also what we are putting into our minds, learning to control levels of stress and anxiety and living more holistically in tune with our bodies needs.



OPTION 1 - suitable for weight loss/chronic conditions
1 initial nutrition consultation to establish your goals and needs  - 90 minutes long

1 x follow up consultation - 45 mins long

4 x follow up consultations -  30mins long

6 x 15min check in phonecalls

4 hours research time

OPTION 2 - suitable for eating disorders

1 x 90 min initial nutrition consultation to establish your goals/needs 

1 x 60 min - follow up

10 x 40 min follow ups

6 hours research time

7 day menu plan & recipes

Personalised nutritional & lifestyle programme tailored to your goals


Bespoke vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement plan if required


Metabolic/genetic testing & interpretation included if within the consults above

Revision and enhancement of initial dietary and lifestyle programme based on findings from lab results.


Full support via email or phone


1, 2 or 3 yoga, meditation, breathwork or healing sessions per week for 60 minutes per session & all available virtually

A full consultation to establish your holistic needs that is personalised, unique and specific to your goals

Yoga offerings including more dynamic styles such as ashtanga or vinyasa or more restorative relaxing styles such as yin. To suit beginners or more advanced practitioners & suitable for home practise

Meditation involves mindfullness or yoga nidra deep guided meditation known to reduce anxiety and stress

Breathwork involves calming pranayama yogic breathing techniques designed to invoke feelings of calm and stillness

Healing involves reiki or chakra balancing healing techniques to help release emotional traumas

Full support via email or phone


Holistic Sessions
(1 per week)


Holistic Sessions 

(2 per week)


Holistic Sessions
(3 per week)