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Mays is a qualified Nutritionist with a masters in clinical nutrition. Mays specialises in utilising naturopathic healing with the important inclusion of a functional medicine perspective working to heal clients with gut issues, hormone imbalances, deep liver cleansing & weight stability. Mays loves to help individuals find their inner health with personalised diet and lifestyle plans , 1-1 nutrition (encoporating functional medecine blood analysis and genetic testing), detoxification, fermentation, private cookery workshops and of course beautifully healthy food. Check out her insta @healthymays to see some of her delicious foodie creations. Her clinic is currently based between the Balearics and London but she also sees clients over the world virtually.


Mays’s other passion lies in yoga and meditation. Mays has been teaching & studying yoga for the last 10 years, spending years travelling & learning deep spiritual practises from enlightening masters around the world. As well as teaching ashtanga, rocket, vinyasa & yin yoga styles, Mays is also a reiki master, chakra & quantum energy healer & offers deep yoga nidra meditation & pranayama breathwork teachings. Mays also loves hosting transformational wellness & yoga retreats globally around the world.

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