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 5-14 Mar, 9-18 Apr, 7-16 May,11-20 Jun  



5-14 Mar, 9-18 Apr, 7-16 May, 11-20 Jun 

NB the 4 day fasting period will be across the weekend Friday - Monday - the other days are clean eating as per below:

3 days pre-cleanse (raw and cooked plantbased diet)

4 days fasting across the weekend (green veggie juice and broth)

3 days post-cleanse (raw and cooked plantbased diet)

Live Zoom kick off calls & Q&A (1 hour) 

Tues 5 March 1700 GMT / 1800 CET

Tues 9 April 1700 GMT / 1800 CET

Tues 7 May 1700 GMT / 1800 CET

Tues 11 Jun 1700 GMT / 1800 CET

Participants gain access to private facebook group, on booking please request to join here:

Re-set your life with an online supported fast and detox for removing toxins and boosting energy, a wonderful way to rejuvinate, recharge & reset.

I will guide you through this detox and nutritionally supported fast to make this incredible healing journey easy for you to accomplish. Our program safely removes toxins out of the body, designed to cleanse parasites, candida, heavy metals, the lymphatics and of course the  liver. And after fasting for just 3 days, stem cells are activated to help repair all types of problems from joint pain to chronic illness or post viral fatigue. As well as that you will be activating the recycling mechanism of your body to get rid of your old, damaged, inflamed and cancerous cells. This process of "self-eating" is crucial to slow down ageing and improve recovery and is known as autophagy.


We will start with a 3 day pre-cleanse of clean eating (raw & cooked vegan) with recipes supplied.

To lead us gently into a guided fast and cleanse for 4 days over the weekend, followed by 3 days of post-cleanse clean eating, with an easy to follow step by step downloadable guide (with all experience levels in mind).

Support is never far away with access to a Private Facebook group. Facebook participation is not mandatory (but is recommended for community vibes) and we are available via email for those that would prefer a social media detox.

All the supplies you need will be listed in the shopping list and guide which you will receive with plenty of time to prepare your environment for a calm transition. Recipes for green veggies juices and vegan broths will be provided as well as trusted sources for psyllium husk, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, supplemental vitamins/minerals and healing parasite cleanse herbs. Suggestions for daily health routines such as tongue scraping, oil pulling and skin brushing will be given as well as sauna, yoga and meditation. Colonic hydrotherapy is also strongly recommended on day 2 and day 4 (of the fasting days) and trusted and very experienced contacts in London (4 Balance & Healthand Ibiza (the amazing Anne-Marie in San Carlos) & now Palma, Mallorca will be recommended. If budget is an issue then daily organic coffee enemas will be recommended with guides & links to purchase kits, its really not that hard or scary we promise :) These coffee colonics will flood the body with antioxidants stimulating the bodies natural healing abilities. 

1 hour Live Zoom call with expert facilitation, informative talks, group connection, and space for Q&A's. 

All sessions are recorded to accommodate different time zones and schedules.

This is more than just a detox protocol, this is a healing transformational process to help destress & re-balance your body nutritionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, helping your soul to shine and leaving you with new found tools to maintain your transformation.



  • 100ml bottle of cleansing herbs to use throughout the detox (NB 7 days worth so can continue beyond the programme)

  • Easy to follow step by step downloadable detox guide

  • Private facebook group for support (NB 1-1 text support excluded unless you upgrade the package)

  • 1 hour live zoom calls to explain the protocol answer any questions including breathwork & meditation (these will be recorded)

  • Full shopping list for supplements, detox protocol supplies and veggie juices and detox broth recipes.

  • Full post-cleanse guidance document supplied

  • Option to upgrade to a package that includes 2 x naturopathic nutrition consults with Mays for those with deeper issues that require post cleanse assistance.

  • Also possible to sign up and detox in your own time anytime!



Mays is a certified and registered Nutritionist trained to Masters level with years of experience in guiding detoxes and retreats. Mays will hold space for you throughout the detox inviting you to move into a safe, effective and therapeutic healing process.


Why is our Cleanse program superior to others available?

Cleansing the body in this modern toxin saturated world requires the right knowledge to be done safely and effectively. You will be surprised how, with our program, you do not feel hungry, and after the first 3 days you will be so full of energy you may not want to stop!

We suggest the use psyllium and clay to absorb and eliminate both the micro and macro toxins stuck in the body, herbs to loosen debris in the gut and to remove toxins in deeper tissues, and nutritional support to allow the body to do its own natural repairs. We provide you with bespoke anti-parasite cleansing herbs to supercharge the cells and cleanse the lymphatics, with added supplementation (to be purchased yourselves) of vitamin C, magnesium, turmeric and N-Acetyl Cysteine to cleanse the liver 

We assure you that we have one of the best programs to safely and effectively remove toxins and rejuvenate, giving you the tools and education necessary to reset your life so you can feel this goodness in your everyday life.

Important Note:

The 4 day fasting period is quite involved and will require preparation of detox shakes, juices, broths and taking different supplements in 2 hour periods throughout each day so prepare to clear your diary and take time out of daily life to focus on your self nourishment and healing. Rest, relaxation, meditation & gentle  exercise like yoga is recommended. Often fasting can release stuck emotions so allow space for things to develop and heal as required. See it as a home retreat environment taking time out of life to nourish yourself.

The pre and post cleanse will aid the fasting period to be as smooth as possible and if you can even pre and post cleanse for 7 days that would be even better :)


Only £169 per person


OR £288 for 2 friends who book together (saving £50 between you!)

OR £555 including 2 x 1-1 Nutrition consults to guide you to healthier living post cleanse

1 x 60 minute nutrition consult, 1 x 40 minute follow up included (can be shared between 2) 


NB - 5% paypal booking fee will be added to the above costs

Please note that the cost above only includes the parasite cleansing herbs.

There will be extra costs required for the colonics (or enema kits if budgets are tight) plus between £100-£200 of extra detox supplements that are recommended for a deeper cleanse (again if budgets are tight these costs can also be reduced, please message me to discuss).

Also use of a cold press juicer is required (can also suggest affordable easy to clean juicer to purchase on amazon for £99) or if you have a blender and a nut milk bag its possible to produce juice in this way too.


Detox only: Direct payment via paypal here £169+5% booking fee

Detox 2 x friends only: Direct payment via paypal here £288 +5% booking fee

Detox & Nutrition consults: Direct payment via paypal here £555 +5% booking fee

  • Payment by Revolut or UK Bank transfer also possible

  • For any queries please contact me, Mays on +44 7956187905 or send me an email on



We are happy to provide credit if you would prefer to join future dates if you need to cancel. Refunds are not possible.


"I recently took part in one of Healthy Mays Liver and Detox Cleanse Programs. I can honestly say it has changed my life! I feel absolutely incredible, and it is on-going!!! Clear, vibrant, sharp, energised and very positive is how I feel. I have lost over 3kg in the two weeks since starting, which I have not been able to budge by myself in over a year!  I have had strong attachments to food, so this was my first time fasting, but I never felt hungry.  My relationship with food and myself is so much better.  It has been such a profound journey of self love and truly transformational.  

I knew I could not do this by myself, and wanted to be supported and encouraged, which is exactly what Mays does so well.  She holds a fantastic safe space to go through the cleansing process, answering any questions or queries you have along the way.  

I have noticed my skin is clearer, my mind is clearer.  My energy levels are way up.  I am more relaxed and calm and in control.  I feel my joints are more flexible.  My hormones have been affected too, with no PMS symptoms! A huge investment in your health for very little cost.  

Thank you Mays!" Libby, Mallorca 

"Mays is a wonderful combination of knowledgable, kind and fun! You won’t regret trying one of her detox programmes. So much research and thought has gone into creating each one, with very detailed and practical information and instructions to follow. I feel brighter, happier and energised. Thank you Mays!" Michelle, UK

"I did the online detox programme with Mays two weeks ago and the results were amazing. During the whole process, I felt extremely well supported and thanks to the very detailed and complete information that Mays provided (incl. recipes for the detox shakes and juices and shopping lists), it was really easy to follow. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to detox at home with the support of an experienced professional, without the need to go to a retreat or detox centre."

Nicole, Mallorca

"I've fasted before but nothing like this, I knew nothing about the ingredients we used prior to this, it totally opened up my eyes, I'm so grateful for Mays's intelligence and experience in healing the body" Sian, UK

"After completing Mays's online detox I had tonnes of energy, glowing skin and felt clean from the inside out - thanks Mays there's no one else I'd trust with my nutrition. After 3 days of fasting things got better and better and I carried on for 7 days, flying high!" Stacey, UK

"Thank you for encouraging me to finish the cleanse, even the last 12 hours shifted so much, so really worth hanging on and doing the extra days for the 7 day fast. Im so glad I pushed through thanks so much for your support i feel amazing" Abbi, Ibiza


"Detoxing with Mays is the best, I can totally recommend, you feel so recharged and gain so much new knowledge for how to continue new habits beyond the fast" Julie, Ibiza

Disclaimer & Precautions

Before starting any diet, you should speak to your doctor. You must not rely on the information from this programme as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare providers. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare providers.

If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Mays Al-Ali is not responsible for any injury or illness from participation in any of her programs. 

By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to our disclaimer below:

  • You acknowledge that Mays Al-Ali is not acting in any capacity as a licensed physician, but is providing general nutrition consulting.

  • You acknowledge that Mays Al-Ali does not diagnose or treat physical or mental ailments, diseases of psychological conditions. Mays Al-Ali provides general wellness & nutrition consultations that may or may not confer health benefit to the individual.

  • You acknowledge that Mays Al-Ali may share my personal details with other licensed practitioners, physicians and therapists to assist with treatment.

  • Lab work that is reviewed or requested by the Practitioner is done to assist in creating a plan to provide naturopathic support. A medical diagnosis must be sought from a licensed healthcare provider.

  • Any supplement, herbal or vitamin may be recommended by Mays Al-Ali. Mays Al-Ali does not claim that such products treat, cure or prevent physical and/or mental ailments or disease. 

  • You acknowledge that if you took a medical procedure for coronavirus in 2020, 2021 or 2022,  known side effects and drug /herb interactions are not known. If a reaction should occur Mays Al-Ali accepts no medical or financial responsibility.


This programme is not recommended for:

  • People who are underweight or have a diagnosed eating disorder

  • Children (under 18 years old)

  • Type 1 diabetics/diabetics taking medication for their diabetes (other than Metformin) or those with thyroid issues.

  • Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers

  • People recovering from surgery

  • Those who are frail or have a significant underlying medical condition should speak to their doctor first, as they would before embarking on any weight-loss regime.

  • Those who are not sure about whether it may affect their prescribed medications should to speak to their doctor first.

  • People feeling unwell or with a fever

  • Those taking Warfarin should consult their doctor first.

  • People with a history of serious mental health problems.   When beginning any type of fast some people experience flu-like withdrawal symptoms for up to a few days. If this happens to you, stay hydrated, take it easy, and seek medical attention if it gets progressively worse or lasts more than a few days.

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