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These packages are perfect for wellbeing and stress reduction - but our in depth holistic approach also helps improve overall wellness & energy levels, as well as many other issues like sleep, mood, anxiety, fertility and digestion.

Do you feel stressed out & burnt out trying to cope with a demanding hectic schedule?


Then we are here to help. These holistic wellness packages are designed to teach you new tools to calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety, improve sleep and achieve a blissfully relaxed state so you can regain your inner zen.

Do you feel guilty for making time to do things just for you?


This is a common statement I hear from clients, but I cant stress how important it is to make time for YOU so that you can deliver to your highest abilities in all other areas in life. This programme will help you find that stillness within, teaching you lifelong skills that you can turn to in times of need again & again

We believe that to heal the body we need to work to heal the mind alongside nutritional healing.


The mind and body are interlinked, so in order to overcome chronic health issues we not only need to work on what we are putting into our bodies nutritionally but also what we are putting into our minds, learning to control levels of stress and anxiety and living more holistically in tune with our bodies needs.

Our packages are tailor made for you across a 3 month period including an initial assessment at the start. 3 sessions per week is ideal and recommended to really get into a routine of holistic practises encorporating all the tools you need to transform your life. 

Whats included:

  • yoga: from dynamic ashtanga vinyasa to relaxing yin

  • pranayama restorative breathwork

  • meditation including deep yoga nidra meditations (known as yogic sleep & proven in research to reduce anxiety, stress, mood disorders & improve sleep - a truly wonderful practise to teach your body how to attain deep relaxation).

  • healing sessions to help let go off & release emotional traumas & anything that no longer serves

  • all offered virtually from the comfort of your own home


Using the above techniques you will learn how to de-stress, unwind and re-energise.


Immersing yourself & learning these wonderfully peaceful stress management techniques you will feel reborn, recharged, renewed and rebalanced in mind, body and spirit. 


3 month programme to include 1, 2 or 3 yoga, meditation, breathwork or healing sessions per week for 60 minutes per session & all available virtually.

A full consultation to establish your holistic needs that is personalised, unique and specific to your goals

Yoga offerings including more dynamic styles such as ashtanga or vinyasa or more restorative relaxing styles such as yin. To suit beginners or more advanced practitioners & suitable for home practise

Meditation involves mindfullness or yoga nidra deep guided meditation known to reduce anxiety and stress

Breathwork involves calming pranayama yogic breathing techniques designed to invoke feelings of calm and stillness

Healing involves reiki or chakra balancing healing techniques to help release emotional traumas

Full support via email or phone

NB if travel is required, it is usually charged at £10 per 30 minutes travel


All packages include 30 minute initial assessment

Based on a 3 month programme. Monthly payment options available

Holistic Sessions
(1 per week)


Holistic Sessions 

(2 per week)


Holistic Sessions
(3 per week)


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