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Food is life and what we put inside our bodies directly affects our mind, body and soul, so learning to nurture and listen to the bodies signals is so important.


Fermented foods and drinks are an amazing way to improve gut health and support digestion with their natural probiotic goodness.

In this serious of videos Mays will teach you how to make kombucha, water kefir & sauerkraut during an interactive workshop filmed live.

You will also receive my pdf e-book with clear instructions on how to ferment & the history and benefits of fermentation as well as links on where to purchase SCOBY & grains from.

And you will get access to a private facebook group where you can post any queries with other members who are just as excited about fermenting as you!

Mays is a qualified Nutritionist specialising in naturopathic healing with the important inclusion of a functional medicine perspective. Her other passion lies in ashtanga yoga, she has been teaching & studying yoga for the last 8 years travelling & learning deep spiritual practises from enlightening masters around the world. 

Check out her insta @healthymays to see some of her foodie creations.

Cost £25 

Purchase via paypal here


“I would 100% recommend Mays workshop, full of great advice & health benefits for fermentation - an invaluable toolkit to improve your overall health”   Paul, London

The filming of this workshop is sponsored by Zoom Secrets For Yoga Classes who support wellness professionals to create the best online yoga experience for their students by teaching them how to master the tech to make their classes sound and look amazing.

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