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In the last few years, workplaces have woken up to the reality that happier, healthier employees are essential to increased productivity and business success. The plethora of wellbeing initiatives that have sprung up in this time means that any business not engaging with the wellbeing of their staff risk looking behind the curve, and employers have responded by adding mental health and wellbeing to their priorities.

Having had my own fast paced, high powered career in advertising I am passionate about facilitating better nutrition in the workplace, and how it can support a range of physical and mental health conditions. There’s a lot of noise and conflicting views around nutrition and I enjoy helping an audience or group cut through this by providing evidence based knowledge with practical learnings and tips to take away.


I am available for lunchtime nutritious food demo workshops, ‘Wellness Week’ sessions or larger presentations on a variety of nutritional topics including:

  • Gut Instinct - how your gut and brain are more connected than you think!

  • Healthy Plant Based Nutrition

  • Happy, Healthy Hormone 101 – from puberty to the menopause (and all things in between)

  • How to boost energy and avoid burnout

  • Best tips for Liver detox


As equally as I love hosting my own retreats, guesting on retreats is also a real joy for me. Sharing my knowledge and love of nutrition works really well on any type of retreats eg fitness, hiking, holistic, detox. Guests love the information & always come away wowed, with new tools, skills and knowledge.

I can offer informative nutrition talks and q&a's as well as food demo's and workshops such as:


Healthy smoothie bowl making

Raw chocolate

Buddha bowls

Or anything bespoke tailor made to suit your retreat.


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