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The Reiki technique that is commonly practiced today is “hands on healing” or “palm healing”. The energies are guided by the universal positives, therefore there are no side effects or harm possible. In a traditional Reiki therapy session, the therapist uses meditation techniques to connect to the Universal Energy and by placing their hands on or above the clients main energy points or chakras, the healing energy is then transferred to the client. The hands are then placed upon various energy centers or Chakras, meridians and pressure points as required and the energy travels to wherever it is needed most. Through the influx of this additional energy, blockages within the client can be loosened and ultimately dissolved. As a result of this the client can feel lighter, more balanced and more energised.  The treatment is non-invasive and the recipient remains fully clothed.

Whilst experiencing Reiki, individuals may enter a meditative state allowing them to connect with themselves deeply. This is the state in which clients are able to generate self-healing on all levels and access the vast knowledge already within us. Because of this it is not uncommon for a client to gain increased insight and intuition following a session, or to have visions or vivid dreams. Although Reiki is an intensely personal experience, the overwhelming feeling for many clients is a feeling of profound relaxation, warmth and restoration.


What you may feel during a Reiki session:

A Reiki session is a uniquely personal experience treatments may vary from each other and from each individual. Listed below are some of the main sensations you may experience: 

  • Warmth, cold, tingling or electrical impulses/energy flowing through your body

  • Colours, memories replayed or visions in your minds eye

  • A feeling of heaviness, lightness or an out of body experience

  • Emotional releases - you may want to cry or laugh

  • Deep meditation and you may even drift off into sleep


Distance Treatments:

Distance Reiki treatments are absolutely possible since energy has no constraints with regards to distance and time. A distant treatment will feel much the same as a treatment in person. I would have a brief consultation with you over Skype first and we would agree on the date & time of the session. You would lie down and focus on receiving the energy whilst I send it to you remotely. 

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