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Yoga allows us to recognize that we are whole as we are and that NOW is where we are meant to be.

I had my first taster of Ashtanga with Gingi Lee at the Shala in Clapham in the summer of 2011. The healing effects of the practice immediately changed my life for the better and within 6 months I headed to Goa, India to complete my first 200 hr TTC in Ashtanga Yoga. It was a truly magical life changing experience.


A year later I returned to Goa to further my studies by completing a 9 week 500hr TTC in Ashtanga Yoga whilst also spending time practising with Balu Thevar. Since then I have spent 2 seasons practising with Rolfe Naujokat in Goa as well as spending time in London practicing with Hamish Hendry, Melanie Cooper, Adam Keen & currently Corrie Ananda Yoga.

I’m continually expanding my knowledge and love for Ashtanga by attending intensive workshops/retreats with teachers such as Sharath Jois, David Williams, Peter Sanson, Richard & Mary Freeman, David & Doug Swenson, Philippa Asher, Kino McGregor, Matthew Sweeney & Danny Paradise. More recently I attended a Yin & Yoga Nidra TTC with Melanie Cooper further the knowledge and breadth of my teaching styles.

Since 2012 I have taught and continue to teach worldwide in Goa/Thailand & London. I teach intuitively and strongly believe in adapting to the needs of each individual or class.


My intention is to honour all that Yoga has brought me by sharing with you the practices that have allowed me to reconnect to vitality, presence and positivity. Through Yoga my body is stronger, more flexible and ache free. My mind is happier and more at peace. Yoga has given me the ability to slow down and just be. Yoga allows us to recognize that we are whole as we are and that NOW is where we are meant to be. To let go of our stored yesterdays and imagined tomorrows. To be here in the present moment. Today. Instead of always wishing to be in ‘a future place where I am happy’. It doesn’t exist, the only moment is Now. Yoga will change you…. Are you ready for the transformation?


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