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WEIGHT LOSS, wellness &


These packages are perfect for weight loss - but our in depth holistic approach also helps improve wellness and energy levels as well as many issues like sleep, mood, anxiety, fertility and digestion.

Our unique approach is centred on health and wellbeing. Many personal training programmes focus on losing weight and muscle building, but that can be at the cost of what's nutritionally best for your mind, body and soul. By combining personal training with in-depth Healthy Mays nutritional advice, our programs offer you an optimal bespoke solution, never sacrificing health for aesthetics. 

We have various training packages available depending on your needs. If weight loss is your goal, then committing to 3 x PT sessions a week is the recommendation. Steve Berry is the personal trainer who will look after you, working in local parks or in the comfort of your own home. We do have links to several popular gyms if clients prefer (pls note this might incur an extra gym fee.).

Between Steve and myself, we offer several optional extras including sports massage, yoga lessons, deep yoga nidra meditation and breath work. More info on Steve here.


1 initial nutrition consultation to establish your goals and needs  - 75 minutes long

1 follow up consultation -  45mins long


2 follow up consultations -  30mins long


3 x 15min check in phonecalls

Personalised nutritional & lifestyle programme tailored to your goals


Bespoke vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement plan if required


Metabolic/genetic testing & interpretation if required


Full support via email 


1, 2 or 3 home/park PT sessions per week for 60 minutes per session

A full consultation to establish the goals that are unique and specific to you

A postural examination to choose the best exercises to improve your posture and minimise injury

Personalised programmes that are tailored to your goals

Personalised home workout plans that don’t require any gym equipment

Full support via email or phone


PT / Nutrition 12 week Package Deal 

(NB Nutrition only packages available at £595)

PT Sessions
(1 per week)


& Full Nutrition Package

PT Sessions
(2 per week)


& Full Nutrition Package

PT Sessions
(3 per week)


& Full Nutrition Package

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