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Joanna - love yogi


Joanna is a Shamanic Cacao Facilitator and Intuitive Healing Guide. She works with various modalities with groups and individuals, also weaving in Sound, Movement and Energy Medicine. She has been studying the Healing Arts and evolving on her spiritual path for over a decade, also teaching Shamanic Reiki for the last 5 years with light workers all over the world. 


As we move through great changes on this Earth, she feels it's important for us all to move more from our hearts and connect back to nature. She loves to empower others to find and follow their true hearts calling by gently guiding them in ceremony space and sharing wisdom from her grounded, authentic heart. Her spaces are beautifully held, healing, powerful and transformative.  


“Jo's cacao ceremonies have a unique magic to them - something so simply relaxing, yet deeply profound. Jo holds a beautiful safe and sacred space, even online it feels just as connected as though we're all right next to each other, where each person is safe to be whatever they need in the moment. Honestly, I just love Jo's ceremonies with all my heart and am grateful to have discovered the wonder of cacao through her. I never know where each ceremony is going to take me, but it always ends up being exactly where I need to be and it often feels like her words and wisdom are messages straight for my heart.”

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