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Mays has been teaching & studying yoga for the last 10 years spending years travelling & learning deep spiritual practises from enlightening masters around the world. As well as teaching ashtanga, rocket, vinyasa & yin yoga styles, Mays is also a reiki master & offers deep yoga nidra meditation & pranayama breathwork teachings. Mays loves hosting transformational wellness & yoga retreats globally around the world.


Mays’s other passion lies in nutrition. She is a qualified Nutritionist with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition specialising in naturopathic healing with the important inclusion of a functional medecine perspective. Mays loves to help individuals find their inner health with personalised diet and lifestyle plans, encorporating the latest clinical research, lab & genetic testing and of course beautifully healthy food. Check out her insta @healthymays to see some of her creations. Her clinic is currently based between the Balearics & London but she sees clients all over the world virtually.

Scarlett was Mays’s teacher on her first yoga teacher training with Tribe Yoga over a decade ago. Scarlett was a huge life changing inspiration to her, helping her to learn how to let go of addictive behaviour and heal years of childhood pain & trauma, learning the importance of being in service to others. For this magical gift she will always be grateful to Scarlett. So it’s such an honour & privilege to join forces with her on this transformative retreat.

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