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Lauren Lovatt is a Plant Based Chef and Entrepreneur. She is One of the founders of the Plant Hub & Academy in London and the woman behind Feed Your Mind Candy, a project dedicated to delicious food specifically designed to feed your mind.


Lauren has openly shared her journey with Mental health issues over the years which led her to discover this burning passion to inspire others through food. Early on in her career Lauren set up an aspirational Vegan restaurant, asparagasm, which led her to host her own Plant based pop up nights for some years and has a wealth of experience developing recipes, writing menus and creating events.


Subsequently Lauren went on to lead the PlantLab Barcelona academy where she fell in love with teaching, sharing and inspiring a knowledge for plant based food. With a keen eye for plating and a passion for the most vibrant, seasonal ingredients. Her style is all about using natural ingredients - elevated.


Most recently Lauren has set up her own ‘Plant Academy’ In East London with the aim of inspiring a passion through plants. Her vision is to create a space accessible to all, with a food lab, test kitchen and learning space. The plant Academy collaborates with entrepreneurs and visionaries to share forward thinking classes and experiences. Constantly moving towards an even more sustainable, creative and delicious future of food.

Feed your Mind Candy is Laurens experiential enterprise expressing and inspiring better mental health through food such as supper clubs & culinary classes & supported by the Princes Trust. Lauren created the concept as a way of connecting people with the power of not only ingredients but making and enjoying food together as a way to improve the knowledge of food for our Mental health. The dishes are always local and seasonal with sprinkles of apoptogenic superfoods made with an air of intrigue. The ingredients chosen are used to give a natural mood boost and the experiences as a whole are designed to start a conversation around mind food. With the aim of re-branding mental health with a trend towards accessible wellness for everyone.

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