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THE NOURISHED SOUL @Home day retreat

sunday 14th june 202O 



The Nourished Soul @Home Day Retreat 

Sunday 14th June 2020


Her Shining Light

Healthy Mays

Lauren Lovatt (founder of Plant Academy)

​The Nourished Soul returns with arms open wide, to offer you the opportunity to create sacred space within your home and join us for this relaxing, fun and insightful virtual day retreat. 

In these unusual times your wellbeing is more important than ever so taking the time to retreat away from the usual demands of life is so important to rejuvenate your energy levels and nourish your soul.

We would absolutely love you to join us for a day that will cleanse the body and mind  and re-ignite your soul connection.


This beautiful mini retreat day has been designed for ultimate self care and a sense of connection to yourself and other like-minded souls.

The day will begin with a relaxing and restorative Yin yoga class with Mays suitable for all levels.​

Lauren will then guide us through a creative plant based cook-along & fermentation workshop to create a delicious and exquisite (plant based + gluten free) mood boosting lunch for us to all eat together. You will also learn how to make your own kimchi to enjoy in the days ahead.

(Shopping list will be provided in advance)

Our mood boosting lunch menu with Lauren Lovatt

Seasonal Kimchi, fermentation workshop

Spring Vegetable Mezze: hemp hummus, smoked grains and golden crackers

Chilled chocolate cheesecake with Seed candy

Over lunch Mays will help empower you to take control of your health with nutrition tips on how to create immune resilience as well as learning about the importance of the gut brain immune connection during an uplifting and informal nutrition discussion including Q&A to answer any of your specific questions.

​After lunch and a comfort break, Tansy will guide you to connect with the power of Mother Nature through a virtual Forest Bathing session and nature based guided meditation. Tansy will share ways you can begin your own Forest Bathing practice for solo exercise during this time and will share the beauty of Nature that you can connect to from home as she brings the experience to life in your mind and guides you through mindfulness exercises that allow you to connect to your own true nature.​

​Add to this the wonderful sense of belonging as we come together virtually and feel the uplifting collective energy of the group whilst we finish in a virtual circle to share and give gratitude for the shared experience.



Food is life. What we put in our body directly impacts on our health, mood and wellbeing. We are in awe to have the incredibly inspiring Lauren Lovatt guiding us to create gourmet culinary delights. Lauren is a plant based chef, entrepreneur & founder of Plant Academy as well as Feed your Mind Candy, a project dedicated to food designed to feed your mind. Lauren will be creating a healthy, plant based, gluten free nutritious lunch that will invigorate and leave you full of energy & life. Think living nutritious foods, simple fermentation kimchi making workshop & a vibrantly delicious mood boosting meal which we will encourage you all to make with our magical secret ingredients: passion and love.



As a qualified nutritionist at as well as yoga teacher with nearly 10 years teaching experience, Mays has emphasised the importance of including a nutritionally balanced nourishing gut, mood and immune supporting menu and will be on hand throughout to answer any nutritional queries you may have about the meals. Mays offers holistic 1:1 consultations to her clients encompassing lifestyle as well as nutrition changes from a naturopathic and functional medicine perspective to help combat many health and mental health issues as well as group + private yoga and yoga nidra deep meditation lessons. Mays also offers corporate wellness in terms of talks, workshops and retreats and all her teachings are available virtually.


Tansy (Her Shining Light) is a People Walker, Nature Connector and a female empowerment coach, specialising in outdoor walking sessions. As a Certified Forest Bathing guide and natural mindfulness teacher, Nature connection is at the core of her work. Tansy holds a huge variety of walks workshops and retreats, supporting groups and individuals on their journey of wellbeing and personal evolution. During this time of lockdown she has taken her work tenaciously online to show people that you can connect to Nature from any location. On this day Tansy will guide us virtually into Nature for a Forest Bathing session where she will share the power of Nature connection and guide you on a Nature based meditation.

Your soul is calling for this. Allow it to be nourished.


Sunday 14th June


10.30-11.30am - Yin Yoga with Mays

12pm - Cookalong with Lauren

1.30-2.30pm - lunch and nutrition discussion with Mays

3-4.30pm - forest bathing meditation with tansy

4.30-5pm - sharing circle

5pm - finish


​The virtual retreat has been designed with so much thought and love by Mays Al-Ali, Tansy Dowman & Lauren Lovatt who will all be there all day to look after your every need. 

Please contact Mays if you'd like to find out anymore info on or +447956187905


Shopping lists will be sent out 2 weeks before the event on booking confirmation.

The yoga is suitable for complete beginners.


TICKETS - £30 / £40 / £50

We are offering a tiered option on ticket price to make the day as inclusive for all as possible. We understand these times are financially challenging for many so are giving the choice of 3 ticket prices to book your place on the day. Just choose the amount that you feel you are able to pay.

If couples (or 2 friends) at home together would like to join then the special offer discounted pricing is: £50 / £60 / £70 for 2 tickets.


Please get in touch via who can send you bank details or if you'd prefer to book via paypal details are here:


Due to the uncertain times we are in, if you do need to cancel your spot once you have booked we are happy to refund you and will only deduct a small admin fee of £5 per person to cover paypal charges and time.

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