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For over 2 decades Scarlett has travelled and studied extensively for many years throughout Asia and now lives in the beautiful mountains of Austria. Studying, practicing and teaching Yoga has always been her biggest passion. In the early yoga years she was fortunate enough to be trained by some modern day grandmaster yogis. Larry Schultz - Ashtanga & The Rocket, Godfrey Devereux - Dynamic Yoga & Yoga Sutras and Teacher of Agama - Tantra & Traditional Hatha. Her biggest joy is to practice and teach. Her primary focus in life is to become more awake, more present, more alive and share beautiful experiences with others.


As well as exploring energy and healing through yoga Scarlett has alway been excited about holistic therapies, training in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Sports Massage, Thai Massage. Thai Foot Massage, and Reiki. Scarlett’s widely varying skills allow her to offer healing and holistic treatments according to individual needs.


As the founder of Tribe Yoga School, Scarlett designed, organised and has taught on healing & transformative yoga teacher trainings and retreats for over 10 years. Scarlett met Mays when she attended a Tribe training in Goa many moons ago. There are some friendships that awaken on trainings and that was the case for Scarlett & Mays. Throughout the years they have managed to meet up in Austria, Goa and in the UK. Now they are set for Ibiza which is a natural progression of their strong connection and friendship to one day teach together. Scarlett loves Mays’s sparky and fun personality and sees her as a brilliant and super motivator, helping people into greater wellness and health through yoga and diet.

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