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Raw sushi

Have you ever tried #rawsushi before? I cant tell you how yummy it is, and it fills you up so much more than carb heavy white rice without that glucose spike. I love playing around with different #sushirice ingredients like #broccoli or #cauliflower or #redcabbage making your plate look all rainbow like. I always flavour the rice to give it that extra oomph and juiciness and then get creative with the ingredients, anything you like works, but i love tempeh, or avo or kimchi or tamari shiitake mushrooms and of course sprouts for that extra goodness.

As well as that you get the #cruciferous goodness of the cabbage or broccoli or cauli rice and the thyroid boosting benefits of the #nori that you use to wrap the #sushi in. And #rawfoods in general are so good for us boosting immunity as they are full of #antioxidant living goodness. And finally they literally take about 20 mins to make - super easy and full of #plantbased yum.




Sushi Rice

· Half a red cabbage or half a cauliflower or 1 small broccoli head

· 1tbsp tamari sauce

· 1tbsp sesame oil (or hemp or pumpkin oil also good)

· 1tbsp rice vinegar

· 1 tbsp tahini or almond butter or grind in coffee grinder ½ cup sesame seeds or black sesame seeds or almonds to make your own

· 1tsp coconut nectar or coconut sugar or honey

· Nori sheets (3-4) – I like the Nori sheets from Raw Living website (

· Optional fillings: cordyceps medicinal mushroom powder (again i like the powder from Raw Living) for immune boosting benefits or turmeric + baobab powder or saffron + black sesame


Can experiment with any or all of the below, again get creative!

If you eat fish, you can add in some fish too.

· Marinaded shiitake mushrooms (chop & soak for 5-10mins in tamari, sesame oil & hemp hearts)

· Avocado

· Kimchi or sauerkraut

· Sprouts (alfalfa or mung bean)

· Chopped veg like cucumber, red pepper, carrot

· Any dark green leaves

· Tempeh (chop and fry in tamari sauce)

To serve

· Tamari sauce, pickled ginger, wasabi


· Prepare the ‘rice’ by lightly blitzing in a food processor. Choose what filling you want whether cauli, broccoli or red cabbage and blitz for a minute or two – don’t over process as you want that rice like consistency.

· Then empty into a bowl & add all the other rice ingredients and mix well.

· Prepare the fillings that you would like, chop the veg, marinade the mushrooms, fry the tempeh etc.

· Get a small bowl and fill it with water for sealing the sushi together at the end and make sure you have a very sharp knife for chopping the sushi, this is important.

· Take a nori sheet and lay it down shiny side on the outside (so the filling goes into the non-shiny side).

· Add in the sushi rice in a thin layer (not too thick as it will burst out) and leave a gap at the far end of the sushi rice away from you.

· Add the fillings in a line in the middle of the rice

· Then roll the sushi away from you and then to seal it dab some of the water at the end and roll together.

· Leave for a minute or two to seal.

· Use the knife and chop into sushi pieces, I wet the knife slightly each time I chop so it goes through more easily.

· Serve on a plate with the dips for a yummy meal!


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