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I cant tell you how easy it is to make #rawchocolate - literally like 10 minutes and so much healthier than the rubbish you buy in supermarkets filled with additives, gut irritating low quality dairy and chemicals. These love hearts are delicious, nutritious with all the goodness of raw cacao and they even make the perfect gift. All my friends love it when I gift them these yummy treats.

You can make them in batches and keep them in the freezer, so that when you fancy a bite you can just pop one out - they taste delicious frozen. NB because these chocs dont have any preservatives or any binders - they start to melt at room temperature or below so they always need to be kept frozen, and served straight from the freezer

I always love using #ceremonialgrade #rawcacao to make my #raw #chocs. My favourite brand is Ritual Cacao (best for UK delivery only sadly since Brexit) and this is what I use in this recipe. If you'd like 10% off then you can use my referral link here to order & use the code AFFILIATE10, its delicious stuff. It comes as a block and you can just grind it into a powder using your blender or chop up with a sharp knife - super easy.

Prep time: 10 mins Freeze time: 60 mins


  • 100g either raw ceremonial grade cacao or cacao liquor or cacao powder

  • 25g coconut oil

  • 25g coconut butter or cacao butter (if you dont have coconut butter and dont want to buy lots of ingredients then you can just use 50g coconut oil, the coconut butter makes it creamier)

And then you know what I am going to say re sweetener, I personally use some goji berries or almond butter added into the mix & dont add any sweetness. I love the bitter taste of good quality raw cacao & encourage clients to wean themselves off the sugar sweet taste addiction by not adding it. But if you must - you can add in 25-50g sweetener - I suggest erythritol or stevia as non blood sugar spiking sweeteners or raw manuka honey or coconut sugar or maple syrup as sweeteners that do affect your blood sugars. And then these become a treat once a week not daily!

You can get all the other ingredients from Raw Living website and if you use this link you will get £10 off your first order:


  • To make just melt the coconut oil, coconut/cacao butter & cacao liquor (this is solid unprocessed cacao) in a bowl ontop of a pan of hot water (ideally not boiling as you dont want to destroy the antioxidants). If you are using the cacao powder melt the oil first and then add the powder.

  • Then you can make it exciting and add in any superfoods, try lucuma for a lemony taste or baobaob or maca for a sweeter taste, ceylon cinnamon or food grade essential oils like peppermint or wild orange (Doterra is my fave). Add all the superfoods/essential oils off the heat and stir in well. I like to add some almond butter to make it creamy too.

  • And thats it - pour into any shaped moulds you like - I always love my heart shaped moulds & then i add some crunch like cacao nibs, bee pollen, goji berries or dessicated coconut into each individual mould.

  • Put in freezer for an hour, then take the choc out of moulds and store in the freezer and hey presto you can eat one as a treat whenever you like!


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